Annual Report 2020

Create value

At GrandVision, we make a positive impact on our customers' health and the well-being of our employees and local communities by delivering high-quality, affordable and free eyecare. We also prioritize the need to mitigate negative environmental impacts we create.

We also contribute to the communities where we are present through our tax payments. GrandVision’s total tax contributions, including corporate income tax and taxes that are paid or borne on behalf of customers and employees such as VAT and wage-taxes, exceeded about EUR 627 million in 2020. We believe it is important to be open about taxes and that our stakeholders understand how, where and why taxes are paid.

Our Value Creation Model illustrates how our integrated CSR strategy complements our business model and strategy and results in long-term societal value creation. The model also highlights the resources we use to create short-term outcomes and how we contribute to long-term impacts on the environment and society, and our link to the UN SDGs. You can find more information about this in our connectivity table in the 'Materiality and stakeholder communication' section of this report.