Annual Report 2020

GrandVision’s Eye Care Council reinforces our industry leadership

As a global leader in optical retail, GrandVision aims to provide the best eyecare services for our customers so we can convert them into loyal fans. In order to position GrandVision and our retail brands as eyecare experts, we established the GrandVision Eye Care Council (GVEC) in 2019. This cross-functional network brings an array of eyecare-related expertise from across the business, ensures we secure a broad scope of information and takes a diverse approach to leading in a global eyecare agenda. The GVEC also serves as a scout for innovation and a first point of contact for relevant eyecare-related external parties.

The GVEC works with the following six strategic pillars:

  • People: Establish GrandVision as the preferred employer in the optical retail market.
  • Communication: Empower our retail brands to become local leaders in eyecare communication.
  • Products: Provide innovative and customer-relevant product offers.
  • Technology and innovation: Explore and be on the forefront of eyecare developments.
  • External relations: Expand our presence and visibility in relevant eyecare markets.
  • Eyecare services and development: Ensure quality service and continuous improvements in collaboration with suppliers.

Building on the widely-recognized Euromonitor consumer megatrend survey, the GVEC has identified five consumer megatrends that we believe will influence how our customers think and act in the years to come. Next to the six strategic pillars above, these megatrends closely guide our Council’s work. The identified consumer megatrends are to:

  1. Save time: Seek convenience that enhances the customer experience.
  2. Save money: Smart customer behavior is on the rise. Save where you can and spend more money where you prioritize it.
  3. Save me: Customers are increasingly aware of their own health.
  4. Save the planet: Sustainability is a key focus area and will impact future consumer behavior even more.
  5. Let me be me: Personalization and individualization are on the rise.
Exploring pilots and projects

In 2020, the GVEC supported several innovative pilots and projects. In the U.S., we established teleoptometry as a service in 13 stores, and this has also been piloted in our Polish and Swedish stores. We are exploring artificial intelligence opportunities related to fundus imagery in Poland and Spain, and we have introduced an online eye test pilot through our Finnish and Polish retail brands’ e-commerce platforms.

We believe that both consumer demand, as described in the five megatrends we shared above, as well as technological developments and innovation will drive the need for change in the eyecare field in the future. The GVEC plays an instrumental role in prioritizing and creating momentum for this to happen.

Serving as a knowledge resource

The GVEC has established a centralized repository of eyecare-related information and content for all our retail brands to use. This includes a variety of content formats like text, original photography and videos for all of our communication channels.

To keep its eyecare expertise sharp, the GVEC meets regularly to share the latest eyecare updates and news, and also to share updates on pilots and projects. Best practice initiatives are shared globally through the GrandVision-wide eyecare community, either in regular global webinars or on the global community platform. These include eyecare-related topics like diagnosing eye conditions and eye condition management, new eyecare technology and successful retail brand campaigns.

One of our success stories comes from Vision Express Poland. The retail brand conducted research that revealed 50% of Polish children have never had an eye examination, and 79% of parents claim that vision problems are rarely diagnosed at schools. Due to these significant numbers, Vision Express decided to launch a specific children's program, which comprises all elements of the customer journey for young customers. This includes eye tests, product assortments and even related commercial policies. The new approach was so successful that it helped position Vision Express to become an outstanding optical retailer of choice for parents to select the best eye correction solutions for their children.