Annual Report 2020

Our business strategy

In 2020, we continued to develop and deploy our strategic accelerators to achieve key medium-term objectives for top-line growth and profitability. We made very good progress on our agenda, despite COVID-19-related disruptions to our business.

At the same time, we accelerated our omnichannel strategy, which helped us better adapt to and fulfil our customers' needs.

We are proud of the strategic key milestones we achieved in 2020, including the acceleration of our omnichannel journey. These were supported by our global product catalog, a strong contact lens category performance, the launch of an enhanced POS system and the evolution of our first real Regional Fulfillment Hub in Porto that now serves five countries in Northern and Southern Europe. They were supported by the strong growth we saw in our e-commerce business, as well as our optimized operations to offer the best products at the 'right' time and with a best-in-class customer experience. This has helped turn our customers into loyal fans in markets where we have a presence.