Annual Report 2020

Remuneration Policy 2019 & Long-term Incentive Plan 2015

The Remuneration Policy of GrandVision N.V. for the Management Board and Supervisory Board directors was approved by the General Meeting of shareholders on 4 November, 2019, and has been effective per 1 January, 2019.

The objectives of the Remuneration Policy are in line with that of other senior leaders throughout the GrandVision group: to focus on improving the performance of the company and enhancing the value of the GrandVision group, to motivate and retain senior leaders, and to be able to attract other highly qualified senior leaders when required.

The Remuneration Policy is in line with GrandVision’s business strategy, international competitive market trends, statutory requirements, Corporate Governance best practices, the societal context around remuneration and the interests of GrandVision's shareholders and other stakeholders. The Long-term Incentive Plan 2015, outlining the rules of the program continues to be valid and is part of the Remuneration Policy.