Annual Report 2020

Data collection process

The ESG data set found in this report has been partially collected through a standardized Excel reporting format. It was sourced from information management systems at GrandVision business lines and local divisions. ESG data on People and Culture, Legal and the store network was collected using our FP&A data management system. Once collected, it was consolidated and subject to a trend analysis. In case trends deviated significantly, information was contextualized and verified with the relevant data provider.

The ESG data for this report was quantified. Where no data was available, it was estimated. No uncertainties or inherent limitations to the data were identified as a result of measurement, estimation or calculation.

The GrandVision Internal Audit and Corporate Control departments used consistency and the availability of supporting evidence as the basis of their assessment of the data reported.

Our ESG KPIs are presented in this report. Significant changes in definitions and measurement methods compared to previous reporting periods are explained where relevant. In 2020, no changes regarding our material topics or topic boundaries were made. We have further integrated our CSR ambition with our business strategic priorities to update our integrated CSR strategy.