Annual Report 2020

Step 2. Determine reporting priority

The topics determined as relevant are assessed in terms of their influence on GrandVision's ability to impact society and influence stakeholders’ decisions. To this end, we carried out several consultations. To prioritize the topics from the stakeholders' perspectives, a stakeholder consultation was performed in 2018 through an online survey, including our most important stakeholder groups: employees, investors, customers, suppliers and analysts. These stakeholders were selected because GrandVision directly influences their interests. An internal consultation was held with the Management Board to adjust the prioritization of topics from GrandVision’s perspective. The outcome is presented in the materiality matrix below.

The combination of the horizontal axis, which represents the impact that GrandVision can make on the topic, and the vertical axis, which represents priorities from stakeholders' perspectives, helps us determine the most material topics. GrandVision implements the outcomes of this assessment as follows:

  • For the 'high' and 'medium' material topics, GrandVision aims to create impact along our value chain by monitoring our performance in relation to our impact and develop future targets to maintain sustainable business operations.
  • The 'high' material topics are aligned with GRI – we report one specific standard disclosure related to these topics (GRI Content Index) to meet stakeholders' information needs.
  • The 'lower' material topics are those where GrandVision wants to demonstrate our social responsibility.
Overview of high material topics





Results 2020


Customer satisfaction

Continuously taking into account and improving GrandVision's services to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.





Business ethics

Providing a business environment in which people adhere to the Code of Conduct, are transparent, honest and do not demonstrate fraudulent conduct and behavior.

GrandVision organization

% of employees taking the GV Code of Conduct training through e-learning annually


100% by 2025

Product quality and innovation

Assuring the highest possible quality and safety of our eyecare products and investing in innovative technological products and services to fulfil changing customer needs and demand.


Meet requirements of Regulation EU 2017/745

In line with target


Accessibility of high-quality eyecare

Making high-quality eyecare products and services accessible to more and more people around the world.

Customers, community

Store network


≥1% average by 2023

Business model innovation

Staying up-to-date with ongoing industry developments due to megatrends and innovations (digitization, omnichannel, etc.).


E-commerce share of total sales

In line with target

10% by 2023

Employee engagement and well-being

Guaranteeing a safe and healthy work environment where GrandVision’s employees feel engaged and are empowered to deliver their best performance.

GrandVision organization


*Measured and addressed locally