Annual Report 2020

Organization of GrandVision CSR

We believe in integrating Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (CSR) into our daily processes. Together with our local retail brands, we make a difference by ensuring that our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) priorities are tangible, visible and manageable.

Structure and responsibilities

The Management Board has the overall responsibility for our business and CSR strategy, sets targets and monitors our CSR performance.

The CEO takes overall responsibility for GrandVision's CSR, while the execution of the strategy is managed by the Vice President Operations and the Head of CSR, who are supported by a CSR steering committee. The Head of CSR advises the Management Board and GrandVision's Steering Committee on strategy developments, monitors the integration of CSR into management processes and oversees the company’s ESG targets and overall performance. The committee is chaired by GrandVision’s CEO and includes the CFO, Vice President of HR, COO and Vice President of CX&D. It maintains an external perspective and regularly reviews input from value chain partners and other stakeholders. The local organization of CSR at our Operating Companies has a similar structure.

Currently, one Management Board member and one Management Team member have ESG-performance related objectives included in their remuneration targets.