Annual Report 2020

The state-of-the-art retail platform of GrandVision

Our diverse retail market portfolio spans from Chile to Russia, and thanks to our highly consistent brand identity and store concept, our customers can easily find our products and services worldwide.

As a leading global optical retailer with more than 30 retail brands and a presence in more than 40 countries, at GrandVision, we draw on the strength of our store concept, unique and Exclusive Brand products, global catalog and showroom model to promote our expert eyecare to our customers anytime.

Customer experience is our store concept's main focus

Our strong brand consistency is key to keeping our customers satisfied. In 2020 we upgraded our standardized store concept, which enhances the customer experience and adds to our seamless, omnichannel-focused customer journey, whether customers are shopping with us in retail stores or online.

The optimized store layout is designed to keep customers as the main focus of everything we do, from the moment they step into a store. It also better leverages GrandVision’s eyecare expertise and emphasizes the latest optical technology to reinforce our position as the industry’s leading eyecare expert.

Additionally, stores can adapt to local markets and cater to specific customer needs and eyewear trends. We successfully piloted our improved store concept in the Dutch, U.K., French, Swiss and German markets in 2020 and have started a global concept roll out in 2021.

In Switzerland, we will remodel the more than 60 recently acquired McOptic stores to the new concept by April 2021.

Leveraging the scale of our global catalog

We are replicating our simplified global product catalog as we continue to launch our new and unique brands across our store network. This updated product assortment features premium eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses and accessories that are available exclusively on our e-commerce platforms and in our retail stores. This simplified strategy helps reduce inventory and offers a more straightforward, differentiated product assortment to our customers while we deliver on their expectations of price and style.

GrandVision also carries Non-Exclusive Brand products and has the scale to transform small independent brands into familiar, household names. We regularly showcase independent brands in our stores and highlight the expansion of smaller labels. For example, in 2021 we will launch Karun, an independently-owned, sustainable eyewear brand from Chile to most of our European stores.

Our showroom model empowers employees to be eyewear experts

In recent years, we transitioned many stores away from fulfilling customer orders by edging and mounting frames to focus primarily on eyecare, product selection and customer service. We moved these services to our manufacturing sites to transform our stores into showrooms where customers could easily find the exact products they want, from eyeglasses and sunglasses to contact lenses.

In 2020, we successfully launched the showroom model in our retail brands in France, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Germany and the U.K. And in 2021, we will continue to implement it in even more countries.

We decided to streamline our edging, mounting and other manufacturing processes in our manufacturing sites, which were previously done at the stores. This contributes to our goal of transforming to a lean operating model. It allows us to carry less inventory in our stores, centralize our stock at our manufacturing sites, and ensure final fittings are done efficiently, consistently and in a highly-controlled environment.

Our showroom model also supports our customer journey by empowering our team members to focus on customer service more than ever. And our global manufacturing site network helps us save on natural resources and reduce the environmental impact of final fitting activities. This leverages our omnichannel development journey and supports online activities by fulfilling customer needs anytime and anywhere.

Thanks to the consistent look and feel of our stores, GrandVision’s refreshed product catalog and focus on customer service, along with our global supply chain, we ensure our customers can always find the products and services they need.