Annual Report 2020

Joining forces for a more sustainable future: The achievements of our global CSR community 

Our Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (CSR) program touches nearly every segment of GrandVision’s business. In 2020, we continued to develop it, further grew our CSR ambassador network across the organization and gave back to communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

CSR Ambassador community growing strong

In 2020, we celebrated several achievements thanks to the help of our ambitious CSR Ambassadors worldwide. Together, they activated GrandVision’s global CSR strategy.

Raised awareness: Our CSR Ambassador community raised awareness by sharing eye health information, global social issues related to access to eyecare, and the environmental impact GrandVision is making.

  • In 2020, we aligned the entire CSR Ambassador community to promote global initiatives like diversity and gender equality, drivers' safety and other societal issues. For this purpose, we joined forces on International Women’s Day and UN Global Road Safety Week, and highlighted the link between good eyesight and education on UN World Literacy Day. We shared information about these topics on retail brand social media platforms, our websites and related webinars and other online events.
  • For the third year in a row, GrandVision observed World Sight Day, which is led by the International Association of Preventable Blindness. Our ongoing goal is to raise awareness about the world’s most common eye diseases and make eyecare more accessible for all. In 2020, nearly all our retail brands hosted volunteer events, donated eye tests and eyewear and raised funds for the cause.
  • In 2021, we are further aligning our CSR Ambassador communications with GrandVision’s Eye Care Council to educate others about eye health and raise awareness about eye conditions that affect millions of people around the world like myopia, glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration. 

Give back to our communities and take care of the environment: Despite limitations of COVID-19 pandemic safety guidelines, our CSR Ambassadors organized charitable events across the globe and reduced waste production in our stores and offices. They also helped communities in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many of our retail brands donated personal protective equipment (PPEs), contact lenses, glasses and accessories to frontline healthcare workers and people in dire economic situations. For example, the GrandVision headquarters donated more than 40,000 face masks to a local food bank, GrandVision Benelux generously donated 10,000 pairs of safety glasses to local healthcare workers, and GrandVision Portugal donated food to families in need and laptops to students without access to remote learning technology.

Our Ambassadors also helped reduce COVID-19 pandemic-related waste in stores, manufacturing sites and offices. They made their own hand sanitizers in reusable containers according to World Health Organization standards. They also provided reusable PPEs for employees, introduced UV-C disinfection devices for stores to sanitize dozens of eyeglass frames without paper or soap, and installed protective walls in stores, and manufacturing sites to provide safe distancing and protection from each other and customers.

Based on some simple calculations made by CSR Ambassadors at Apollo, our German retailer, we estimated that using UV-C boxes could save 35,000 disinfectant cloths per day for the entire brand portfolio in the country. This could equal 175,000 wipes used per week, or nearly nine million wipes per year. Currently, about 60% of the GrandVision store network have implemented UV-C boxes, totaling nearly 4,300 units.

In addition, Ambassadors made significant progress in helping communities where we are based. Our retail brands in Argentina, Hungary and Portugal hosted mission trips closer to home to provide people in need with much-needed, donated eyecare and eyewear.

Thanks to GrandVision’s integrated CSR strategy and the support of our global CSR Ambassador community, we continue to raise awareness about social issues related to eye health, as well as incorporate more sustainable and responsible practices across our business.

As one of the largest optical retailers in the world, it is our duty at GrandVision to make eyecare more accessible, give back to our communities and lead the industry in a more responsible direction.