Annual Report 2020

2.3 Ensuring safe and high-quality products

We offer our customers contemporary and functional product designs, made with high-quality material and safety features. Since eyeglass frames are medical devices, we make sure they meet strict safety regulations to fulfil all customer and market expectations. We collaborate with cross-departmental representatives at our local retail brands and manufacturing sites to assess relevant quality requirements and related risks.

We perform product tests for ISO standards 12870 (eyeglasses) and 12312-1 (sunglasses) in internationally-accredited laboratories. This is to confirm our eyewear and eyecare products are safe and effective, as required by applicable regulations. We also work closely with subcontractors to resolve potential issues at the start of the manufacturing process by performing in-house quality checks on product prototypes. Then we perform inspections on finished products to guarantee stringent control and increase operational flexibility.

2020 accomplishments and future goals

Our biggest project in 2020 was establishing a Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 13485, required by the Medical Device Regulation (MDR). This was implemented in all the countries where we operate. The MDR defines quality and regulatory matters in the medical device industry, and GrandVision is on track to meet these objectives and compliance regulations.

In 2021, our Quality & Regulatory (QARA) team will improve our quality and regulatory compliance, including achieving ISO 13485 certification, establishing updated product quality requirements and improving compliance processes.

Post-market surveillance

Our global complaint-handling system allows us to collect, review and address our customers’ product-related complaints and feedback. It is being enhanced to help us sort necessary information and analyze all customer complaints as well as all relevant feedback. This way we can learn from the actual performance of our eyewear and eyecare products on the market and use this valuable information to improve our products and processes. The global complaint-handling system is available across GrandVision's entire network.

We also established our new post-market quality control department in 2020 to continue to build and expand capabilities to ensure best-in-class QARA performance.

Quality assurance and COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our main priority has been to ensure the safety of GrandVision employees and customers worldwide, while providing them with high quality, affordable eyecare.

We sourced protective gear and enforced safety measures and processes to ensure the highest level of protection for everyone. The QARA team worked with the Procurement team to ensure the protective equipment GrandVision purchased for our employees and customers met performance requirements to provide the required level of protection.

We also developed specific safety protocols to make sure stores could protect employees and customers as well as our products. This was achieved by validating several product disinfection methods to prevent quality defects due to the stringent cleaning routines required in stores to sterilize products.