Annual Report 2020

2020 GVNV share price performance

The closing price in 2020 was EUR 25.50 per GVNV share. This represents a 7.0% decrease over the EUR 27.42 per share on 31 December, 2019. By comparison, the Dutch AEX index increased by 3.3% while the Euro STOXX decreased by 1.6% during the same period.

On 31 July, 2019 EssilorLuxottica announced its intention to acquire full ownership of GrandVision for a cash purchase price of EUR 28.00 per share. The price increased by 1.5% to EUR 28.42 after 12 months from the announcement date on 31 July, 2020. The increased purchase price of EUR 28.42 per share agreed between EssilorLuxottica and HAL represents a premium of 35.1% to GrandVision’s closing price on 16 July, 2019 of EUR 21.04.

GVNV Share Price Performance 2020